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Rupayan City

Being a resident of Rupayan CITY entails upgrading to a high-end gated community for that serene residential lifestyle. The ultramodern township includes features and amenities such as Premium Condos, Penthouse Apartments, Banquet Hall, Cafeteria, Infinity Pool, Indoor Games, Gym, and Lounge. In addition to remarkable architecture that ensures convenience and attractiveness. And every minute is joyful in this entertainment city because of its sense of protection and security; a priority we do not compromise on. Be a part of Bangladesh's only Premium Mega Gated Community and live a life of prestige!

Our Corporate Values


We are content to luxuriously build a phenomenon of lifestyle– unified with the promises to deliver to our customers. The foundation of our ideas & initiatives is built on integrity that drives us to articulate innovative ventures that exemplify the pinnacle of a premium gated community lifestyle.


The organization’s allegiance has led to what we are today. To us commitment is an act, not just a word– we entail brilliance & excellence of creating a lifestyle of opulence with a touchstone of well-being through Rupayan CITY.


Providing the pinnacle of customer service is essential to our company's sustainable prosperity and success. Customers are the foundation of what propels us to become more than just a CITY Brand, but an embodiment of lifestyles and dependability.