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Rupayan CITY Uttara is the First Premium-Mega Gated Community in Bangladesh offering world-class flats for sale in Uttara, featuring world-class amenities and exquisite homeownership with deluxe condominiums. The condominiums are an exemplifying essence of magnificence among its kind, which includes comprehensive facilities and amenities for a quintessential lifestyle. The city’s serene escapade has a community club, mosque, playground, school, 6.5 km running track, and separate periphery roads for car mobility. Rupayan CITY Uttara ensures to provide an exceptionally secure living environment for its residents. Thus, opening up the possibilities of living a prosperous lifestyle with the experience of positive peer relationships.

The flats for sale in Uttara’s premium gated community, Rupayan CITY Uttara, orchestrate an endearing tale of livelihood amongst its ambiance of the surroundings. A vibrance of illuminating possibilities that caters to the healthy growth of your family and yourself. Living in this prestigious gated community allows you to weave sophistication into your way of life.

A Premium gated community where green pastures & nature's beauty surround your ways, Rupayan CITY awaits you for an engulfing lifestyle.

63% Open Space

Rupayan CITY Uttara is architectured to be a haven of tranquility. The community boasts 63% open spaces, including parks, gardens, and greenbelts. The ample open spaces provide residents with plenty of room to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Whether you're taking a morning walk, enjoying a picnic with family or friends, or just sitting and taking in the scenery, the open spaces in Rupayan CITY Uttara are sure to delight.

Features &



You can start your day off with an energetic jog on the most exquisitely designed jogging tracks at Rupayan CITY. Every day, indulge in the blossoming aura of health and self-motivation.


Rupayan CITY Uttara ensures a community where your children can avail themselves of the finest quality of education in the premium ambiance of the city. It’s a secured community to learn and grow to establish intellectual minds to nourish the minds to create a better tomorrow.

Community Shop

Shops are essential for residents living anywhere; thus, we designed the city to ensure that there are corner shops on every block. Corner shops are an absolute solution for any essential need; we empower our residents with the relief of knowing they have access to everything they require.


Divine intervention and peace for the soul are essential for a longer and healthier life. We nurture the embracement of nurturing our residents with the access to serene and peaceful mosques around every corner of the community.


A playground is a recreational area designed for children to play and engage in physical activities. It provides children with a safe and fun place to play and socialize with other children in the community. Moreover, it's a perfect place for families to spend time together, to bond, and to create memories.

Outdoor & Indoor Activities

Kids play zones are expressly designed for recreation and enjoyment during outdoor activities. Encourage your youngsters to engage in fun activities and socialize. Moreover, pool clubs and swimming pools are available for relaxation.


Rupayan CITY Uttara is conveniently located near major highways and has easy access to public transportation, including the BRTA and other public transportation. As a result, residents will find it easier to get to and from the community.

3 Layer Security

Our three-tiered security management system offers residents a high level of comfort and security. The first layer of security in the community consists of physical measures such as gates, cameras, and guards. The second layer consists of electronic security measures like biometric technologies. Finally, the third layer comprises a monitoring and response system that investigates and deals with any security breaches or suspicious activities as immediately as possible.

Dhaka Ashulia Expressway

The Dhaka Ashulia Expressway would provide residents of Rupayan CITY Uttara with easy accessibility allowing them to save time and improve the efficiency of their regular commutes. Furthermore, the highway will make it convenient for the people to enjoy long rides and scenic views the area has to offer.

Metro Connectivity

The CITY ensures convenience of metro rail connectivity , as the Uttara metro station is only 3 minutes away. Living in Rupayan CITY, a premium gated community, we have assured that you are not cut off from the nation’s capital enabling convenience at every step for the community's residents.

Club House

A trendy place of luxury where curiosity aligns with recreational activities. Entwine in the bliss of creating an identity of getting in touch with your inner self– a club house that nurtures moments of entertainment & delight.



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I am a resident of Rupayan Grand Majestic, and I absolutely love the environment. Actually, it was the environment of the neighborhood and the community that attracted me to reside here.

Resident of Rupayan CITY Uttara

Condo Owner