Break the


Feet Story

A disruptive revolutionary idea came against the tide of modern urbanization. Choosing a home is not bound within the given square feet of constructed area anymore, but comes with a vast openness, blue sky, and lush greenery to make your life charming and healthy.
Now is the time to “Break the Square Feet Story” and write new chronicles full of joy, prosperity, and a healthy sustainable future for all ages. A prime example of the Break The Square Feet Story is Rupayan City Uttara, the Country’s first premium mega gated community under 3 layers of security along with all the modern amenities bringing phenomenal Prestige, Protection, and Privilege to you and all generations related to your life.



Indulge in the esplanade of serenity & quintessence of living in harmony. Rupayan CITY being the first city brand in Bangladesh, embodies the nurturing aura to build an epitome of lifestyle. Rupayan CITY commits to providing a rich & sophisticated upbringing in a gated community; a nourishment of healthy growth amidst the persona of green nature, open spaces & like-minded neighbors.



Rupayan CITY endeavors the idea to turn desires to reality– encompassing the unwavering way of lifestyle in a Premium Mega Gated Community in Bangladesh. It is the emblem of architectural brilliance that satisfies the mind, the soul, and the sight. We welcome you to be in the perfection of this community living; founded on the essence of creating a lifestyle of opulence.



Rupayan CITY is regarded as the pinnacle of ensuring the highest level of security for the residents. The community’s architecture and layout allow people to live in harmony in the vast openness of serenity, thus, our three-layered security system guards, protects, and secures their well-being.



Rupayan CITY provides the residents with the opportunity to immerse themselves in an aura of luxury and relaxation in the viewpoint of community living. We have built the gated community for the opportunity to lead a fulfilled life with all of the essential amenities. Everything is at your disposal, from club houses for recreational activities to mosques for spiritual tranquility.




Delighted words of our


Beyond Expectations!

We used to live in a Condominium while staying in Singapore, so after returning, I was looking to live in a similar environment. Only Rupayan City Uttara ensured that in Bangladesh and without any hesitation I and my family choose Rupayan CITY as our dream home.

Mostafi Jumrut Mahal

Premium CONDO Owner