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Rupayan City, an opulence of gated communities in Bangladesh, aspires to build a spectacular foundation of premium lifestyles. The idea of Rupayan City narrates a life of contemporary and holistic essence for its residents. Mr. Liakat Ali Khan Mukul, Chairman of Rupayan Group, dreamed of innovating and improving the real estate sector of Bangladesh to greater heights. Thus, enkindling the aspirations into building Rupayan City, offering the residents a quintessential nourishment of a pristine and grand livelihood.


We aspire to make the city’s ambiance infused with civilized and environmental sustainability. We want to embrace the philosophy of creating an extravagant community lifestyle, thus, assessing our success by delivering our promises.


We envision developing elite gated communities in Bangladesh, as well as around the world. Devoted to broadening our architectural frontiers and forging forward with ideals to build a harmony of healthy, secure, and luxurious living.

Our Corporate Values


We are content to luxuriously build a phenomenon of lifestyle– unified with the promises to deliver to our customers. The foundation of our ideas & initiatives is built on integrity that drives us to articulate innovative ventures that exemplify the pinnacle of a premium gated community lifestyle.


The organization’s allegiance has led to what we are today. To us commitment is an act, not just a word– we entail brilliance & excellence of creating a lifestyle of opulence with a touchstone of well-being through Rupayan CITY.


Providing the pinnacle of customer service is essential to our company's sustainable prosperity and success. Customers are the foundation of what propels us to become more than just a CITY Brand, but an embodiment of lifestyles and dependability.

Message from the Legendary Leader

It is a great pleasure for me to see my dream of providing people the experience of unbound living amid vast open spaces and peaceful greenery in a calm and secure ambiance. At Rupayan CITY, we always strive to raise the benchmark in whatever we do. We have left no stone unturned in our quest for quality construction, elegant design, aesthetics, open spaces, landscaping, amenities, and all other aspects that ensure a unique, unbound lifestyle. Once you step inside, you realize, it is much more than that– it is a living and breathing ecosystem that seamlessly merges splendid lifestyle with the harmonies of nature - a place that combines the extravagance of contemporary design sensibilities with the opulence that you desire. It's a prestigious destination and an address to be proud of.

Liaquat Ali Khan Mukul

Hon. Chairman, Rupayan Group

Message from the Visionary Leader

We have persistently worked with a vision to break the square feet story from the traditional real estate norms and to provide the best in residential living in the country as well as globally. Rupayan CITY, the first CITY Brand in Bangladesh is the epitome of vision that creates a grandeur of gated-community living. It's a community where one’s beliefs, culture, and personality take shape to relish a lifestyle that goes beyond living within confined spaces in the secured and open horizon of a world-class gated community. Rupayan CITY discovers a limitless lifestyle and prosperous life ahead for its residents.

Mahir Ali Khan Ratul

Hon. Co-Chairman, Rupayan Group

Message from the Influential Leader

We have embarked on the target to build a Brand revolving around sustainable community living through the mega gated community. Rupayan CITY is the first city brand in Bangladesh and we are aiming to be a Global Brand. By feeling the urge to break the shackles of traditional real estate norms of life within the confined living space, our management came up with the disruptive idea to Break The Square Feet story, where the carpet area is extended to a vast openness, blue sky, lush greenery, and modern amenities for all generations. To achieve this we have built the best real estate team in respect of Sales, Marketing, 24/7 Customer Service, Construction, and Human Resource team. We believe we can contribute by obtaining the excellence of our work for the enhancement of society and sustainable living which will reflect our commitment for all generations.

M Mahbubur Rahman

CEO, Rupayan CITY.



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Brig. Gen. A B M Salah Uddin (Retd.)


Construction Division

Md. Murshed Alam

CFO In-charge

Account & Finance

SK. Shadiqur Rahman

Sr. General Manager

Head of HR & Admin

Goswami Ashim Ranjan

Sr. General Manager

Head Of Marketing

Mohamad Kabir Iqbal

Senior DGM & Head

Project Management

Sayed Abdullah Raju

General Manager

Planning & Design



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