Rupayan Grand

Makes you dream


the extraordinary

Rupayan City is not just a regular luxury property. One step into the grandeur of premium modernistic living that Rupayan offers, and you will understand that it is a philosophy borne from the sophistication of human desires that demand comfort, luxury, and convenience at its core. It is a living and breathing ecosystem that seamlessly marries luxurious living with the harmonies of nature. Rupayan provides a haven that combines the understated extravagance of contemporary design sensibilities.

At a Glance

Project Name:
Number of Building:19
No of Floor Per Building:B+G+9
Unit Size:2300-3070 SFT
Bed Per Unit:3+1 (Servant Room)
Bath Per Unit:3+1 (Servant)
No of Parking Per Unit:1-2

Grand Basement Plan

Features &


Children Playground

A playground is a recreational area designed for children to play and engage in physical activities. It provides children with a safe and fun place to play and socialize with other children within the community. Moreover, it's a perfect place for families to spend time together, to bond and to create memories.

Community Lounge

The community lounge in Rupayan Grand provides a shared space for residents to socialize, relax, and connect with their neighbors. It can be a great place for residents to gather and make new friends within the building used for events, meetings, and other community activities.


A trendy place of luxury where curiosity aligns with recreational activities. Entwine in the bliss of creating an identity of getting in touch with your inner self– a club house that nurtures moments of entertainment & delight.


The gym facility provides our residents the opportunity to maintain their physical health and wellness. Treadmills, weight machines, and free weights are available in the Gym, as is space for cardio and strength training. Furthermore, our residents can keep a healthy lifestyle by indulging in yoga, pilates, saunas, and steam rooms.

Community Shop

Shops are essential for residents living anywhere, thus we designed the city to ensure that there are community shops on every block. Community shops are an absolute solution for any essential needs- we empower our residents with the relief of knowing they have access to everything they require.


The courtyard of Rupayan Grand serves as a central open place for leisure, socializing, and recreational activities. Greenery and seating areas are used to create a serene and appealing ambiance. Residents can convene in the courtyard to take in the natural air and greenery while also socializing with companions.

Jogging Track

You can start your day off with an energetic jog on the most exquisitely designed jogging tracks at Rupayan CITY. Every day, indulge in the blossoming aura of health & self-motivation every day.


Adding an overall beauty and aesthetic to Rupayan Grand, the landscape includes a variety of features such as trees, plants, flowers, and lawns to create a visually pleasing and natural environment. Providing a sense of privacy and seclusion for residents, making it a great place to take a stroll.


Divine intervention & peace for the soul is an essence for a longer and healthier life. We nurture the embracement of nurturing our residents with the access of serene & peaceful mosques around every corner of the community.


Rupayan CITY Uttara ensures a community where your children can avail the finest quality of education in the premium ambiance of the city. It’s a secured community to learn & grow to establish intellect minds to nourish the minds to create a better tomorrow.

Water Body

The water body in Rupayan Grand adds a serene and peaceful atmosphere to the property, attracting local wildlife such as birds, adding a natural touch to the community. The water body allows an opportunity for residents to relax while enjoying the natural beauty of the beautiful feature.


Living in a gated community provides numerous perks that we do not ordinarily experience living elsewhere in Dhaka City. Rupayan CITY Uttara has fulfilled their promises and delivered everything they promised. Choosing Rupayan CITY was indeed the finest choice I've ever made.

Mr. Asif Naimur Rashid

Condo Owner